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Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary. Premium Fourth Edition

 Author: Dorothy Richmond  Category: Vocabulary  Publisher: McGraw Hill  Published: 2022  ISBN: 9781264264247  Pages: 464  Language: english  Dimension: 280 x 210

Expand your Spanish vocabulary and sharpen your writing and speaking skills with the best review and practice workbook for beginning and advanced-beginning students!

Now in its fourth edition, Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary is the go-to review and practice workbook for beginning and advanced-beginning level learners of Spanish, giving you a solid foundation to communicate comfortably in Spanish, verbally or in writing.

Each chapter of this comprehensive book focuses on a theme, ranging from family and travel, to school, work, and the environment, on which you can build your language skills in a systematic manner. As you lay the foundation for an ever-growing vocabulary, you’ll consolidate your knowledge with plenty of exercises to gain the confidence you need to converse with confidence.

Boost your mastery of the Spanish language with Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, Premium Fourth Edition.


  • Helps you build fluency with themed chapters to grow your skills in a systematic progression
  • Covers the latest vocabulary in evolving areas, such as technology, communications and the media
  • Develops your active Spanish vocabulary with more than 240 engaging exercises
  • New: Audio answer key to 70 exercises to help with pronunciation skills and memorization, via app