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Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar. Premium Third Edition

 Author: Gilda Nissenberg  Category: Grammar  Publisher: McGraw Hill  Published: 2022  ISBN: 9781264784493  Pages: 208  Language: english  Dimension: 270 x 210

The go-to guide and workbook to help you get from intermediate to advanced-level in your Spanish language study—now with even more audio recordings

Bridging the gap between beginning and advanced levels of Spanish language study, Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar covers everything you need to know at the intermediate level. Based on the successful approach of the Practice Makes Perfect series, it offers comprehensive instruction, crystal-clear explanations, and extensive practice to help you communicate more effectively and move on to more advanced studies.

Focusing on the practical aspects of communicating, Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar, Premium Third Edition provides comparisons with English grammar to make understanding new information easier, along with reading passages to help you improve your vocabulary development and a variety of engaging exercises in varying formats to give you ample opportunities to practice. As the most thorough and effective way to reinforce and widen your knowledge and communicate more effectively, Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Spanish Grammar is an indispensable resource for reaching the next level of mastery.

  • A comprehensive guide and workbook to help you level up to advanced study
  • Addresses specific questions that intermediate language learners have
  • Realistic example sentences illustrate and clarify each grammar point
  • Answer key provides both reference and quick feedback
  • NEW: Enhanced with new audio recordings, via app, of example sentences and answers to 150+ exercises