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KLOO Learn Spanish Card Games Pack 2 (Decks 3 & 4). Theme “Places & Travel”

 Author: Varios autores  Category: Games  Publisher: KLOO Games  Published: 2011  ISBN: B004TGIAK8  Language: english  Dimension: 120 x 116

Spanish Pack 1 is a great way to learn Spanish with the KLOO method. It contains 2 decks, hundreds of words, millions of sentences, and hours of fun. Ideal for beginner to intermediate levels, 1 – 4  players, aged from 6 to 100. 

You’ll learn quickly

From your very first turn, you’ll start learning and speaking Spanish. Within seconds you’ll be forming sentences and learning words to score points. You can start as an absolute beginner. Within a single game, players are often surprised at how much they have picked up in a natural way.

KLOO turns language into a game. It means no work, no study, no stress. All you have to do is play and have fun and you’ll pick up the language quickly and easily.

Your ‘Speak Spanish’ Game Plan

STEP 1:  Play with Deck 1 (Places & Travel) three times by which time you know all (or nearly all) of the words in the deck.

STEP 2: Now mix in different verb tenses and phrase cards from deck 2.

Keep playing. Your vocabulary will build, your ability to create sentences will come naturally, your confidence in speaking Spanish will grow.